Sinkhole Claims

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Sinkholes are funnel-shaped depressions in land that usually occur when the underlying limestone is dissolved by ground water. They are particularly common in Central Florida where much of the land is organic /animal base or coral, limestone, gypsum or dolomite.

Sinkholes can cause extensive property damage depending their size and depth. While some sinkholes have swallowed buildings, many leave a house or commercial property heavily damaged or uninhabitable due to the danger and unpredictability associated with these losses.

Signs of a sinkhole include prominent cracks in the home’s interior and exterior, or in or around the windows, doors, walls and ceilings. In addition, windows and doors may be hard to close as they no longer fit properly in their frames. There might be depressions in the yard surrounded by dying vegetation, or a driveway or walkway might be deeply cracked or shifted. In other cases, water from the their faucets might have large amounts of sediment being released and there are even cases when the homeowner can see the ground opening up right before their eyes. Policies generally exclude sink holes unless they are implicitly noted within the policy. Sink hole claims are extremely time consuming and very expensive to adjust due to the costs of the experts needed in their processing. As a property owner, get the help that you need to prepare your claim and do not try to address this type of damage on your own.

Call us before you call your insurance company but if you have been paid and are not satisfied with the payment, we can re-open your claim as well. Southern P.A., has 32 years of experience and are here to help you in these difficult times.

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We have the experience and the knowledge to answer your immediate questions and help you through the complicated claims process. One of the first things we do is to evaluate all of the damage and take a good hard look at your policy. Determining the “scope of loss” and analyzing your policy will help us best determine the best way to move forward with your claim to get you the maximum possible settlement.