Hurricane and Storm Damage Claims

Hurricane Damage Claims

Hurricane and Storm

Whether your damages occur through water, high winds, hail, or debris, if you suspect that your house has been damaged, call us immediately. It could be something obvious like a broken window, or it could be something hard to see like damage to the shingles or tiles on your roof. Most roof damage is very hard to identify from the ground and it is impossible to assess by someone that does not know what to look for. At Southern Public Adjusters we have the knowledge and the experience with over 30+ years to get your claim paid fairly and in a timely manner. “Don’t Settle for Less”

A hurricane, tornado or windstorm can damage or destroy your home or business in a heartbeat. The storm can damage the roof, walls, windows or doors and allow destructive winds and water into the interior of the property. If your home or commercial building has suffered storm damage, you should take immediate steps to secure the property to prevent additional damage which is part of your duties. You must mitigate the damage, such as putting a tarp on the roof or plywood over a broken window.

Next, you should fully document the extent of the damage to the property. Take photographs and videos and prepare a written list of everything that has been damaged by the storm. If there has been significant damage to the roof or exterior, we may need to call in an engineer who can inspect the structural damage and provide an estimate for those repairs. Also, if the building has suffered previous damage, try to locate any information related to those repairs. You want to be able to establish the “pre-loss” condition before filing your claim and at Southern P.A., we can help you move your claim forward.

Call us before you call your insurance company but if you have been paid and are not satisfied with the payment, we can re-open your claim as well. Southern P.A., has 32 years of experience and are here to help you in these difficult times.

We’ll protect you and your claim. AVAILABLE FOR CALLS 24/7

We have the experience and the knowledge to answer your immediate questions and help you through the complicated claims process. One of the first things we do is to evaluate all of the damage and take a good hard look at your policy. Determining the “scope of loss” and analyzing your policy will help us best determine the best way to move forward with your claim to get you the maximum possible settlement.