Pipe Break Claims


Pipe Break

When a water pipe breaks in your home or business, the damage can be substantial. Depending on which pipes break, there can be significant flooding; you may see damage to walls, floors, and your belongings, stock, or office furnishings. Electronics in particular are often ruined during any kind of flooding. While you often think of water coming through fluorescent lights, or flooding basements, there are many other types of pipe breaks which cause damage. These include:
• Underground leaks
• Leaks in the ceiling
• Leaks in the walls

These are particularly damaging, as you often don’t notice the leak itself until significant damage has been done. WHAT CAUSES PIPE BREAKS? In colder areas of the country, the most common reason for pipe breaks or bursts is extreme cold weather, so why does Florida still suffer from pipe breaks? There are a few reasons. including vibration, thermal dynamics, worn soldering, loose connections, friction, ruptures lines and more. At Southern Public Adjusters we have handled thousands of claims involving water damage and we can help you too.

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